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Dr. Phil Baquie, PsyD, LPC





We empower people to thrive in life.



We are inspiring people throughout our community, state, and nation to discover meaningful and healthy relationships so each of us can grow into our greatest potential and create safe and strong families and communities.

We are making the world a better place, one client at a time. 



We are a team of diverse mental health professionals who are passionate

about seeing our clients enjoy who they are, flourish in their relationships,

and grow into their untapped potential. We believe the best is yet to come. 



We are therapists and professionals, but before that, we are human.

We are motivated to help others because, in each of our lives, we have discovered

a profound sense of meaning and fulfillment through serving others.

Each of us has different backgrounds and unique stories, but ultimately we share

in the common belief that, when given the opportunity, the human spirit can prevail

and overcome anything.

We see it every day in the lives of our clients and it motivates us to keep doing what we do.   





We believe in hope

Viktor Frankl said despair is to look to the future with no hope. We believe hope is a foundational motivation to keep pushing ahead in life. 


We believe in self-efficacy

Do you believe you have more strength within yourself than you realize? We do. We specialize in helping our clients harness their untapped potential and find ways to change what they thought was unchangeable.


We believe in gratitude

Practicing gratitude is a game-changer when it comes to your mental health. We believe it is foundational to finding self-contentment and empowering our relationships with others.


We believe in diversity

You’re uniquely you, and we love that! We believe the beauty of the human experience is found in the ability to appreciate otherness. Our ethnicity, gender, age, social class, sexual orientation, ethical values, or political beliefs vary between us all and we believe there is a great value found in respecting these differences and the inherent worth and dignity of everyone is celebrated.


We believe in empathy

Maybe we have walked in your shoes, maybe we have not. Either way, we need to understand and value your feelings and perspectives. When we say we are a safe place for you, we mean it. Empathy helps us find connections with each other so it is a foundational aspect of your counseling experience here at The Wellness Centers.


We believe in generosity

Generosity increases happiness, strengthens relationships, inspires creativity, and improves health, and promotes well-being. No wonder why it is such a core value of The Wellness Center! 


We believe in authenticity

It is important to have a passion and commitment for what we say and do. At The Wellness Centers, we express these traits through authenticity. We believe it is important to express emotions clearly and freely in a thoughtful and kind way that is true to who we are.


We believe in community

Life is far too lonely and utterly dull when we isolate ourselves from each other. We believe we were created for relationships, and to do relationships successfully with each other multiplies our ability to enjoy a successful life. Community is at the heart of who we are as an organization.  


We believe in kindness

To be considerate, friendly, and giving of ourselves, our time, and our smiles. That's what you will find at The Wellness Centers! Kindness is baked into our core values because, without it, we cannot establish healthy and safe relationships with each other. It's the greatest interpersonal skill you can develop. Why else do you think we are called HumanKIND?


We believe in excellence

Excellence is not perfection. It's learning from our mistakes, not letting them define us, and growing into greater versions of ourselves both as individuals and as a company. It is moving forward with purpose and passion. It requires us to innovate, constantly adapt, and be vigilant towards things that might pull us back from achieving the highest good.

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