Master's Level Intern under Supervision by Dr. Marc Showalter

Brooke is currently a second-year Master’s student in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at the University of Mississippi. Her approach to helping clients is collaborative - rooted in openness, vulnerability, and humor. 


"I strive to create a comfortable, easy-going, genuine environment where clients are encouraged to come as they are. I am passionate about empowering my clients, as I truly believe that we can all benefit from learning how to hold space for ourselves and acknowledge that we are doing the best that we can." 


Life can be difficult and beautiful, unforgiving and gracious, merciless and merciful - let’s talk about it. 

Image by Finn

As a counselor, it is a privilege to sit in the room with you as you become a more developed, more aware, and in-touch human. Full disclosure: the pathway of change can be uncomfortable, unpleasant, and downright crummy but choosing to walk down it is one of the bravest things that we can do. In that light, I welcome real language and authentic emotional expression in session - there is healing in showing up as yourself.