Danyelle Davis, M.ed, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor
Danyelle has worked across a variety of fields and age groups from Children and Youth Services to Adult Services—including within the realm of chemical dependency. She has an interest in providing therapy for others as a means to begin the process of healing and creating positive coping skills for dealing with the variety of traumas that life may bring. She enjoys working with clients via a person-centered approach—focusing on the ways that symptoms are currently affecting the life and day to day of the client. Danyelle prefers that clients be allowed the chance to be as involved in treatment planning as possible as a means to develop rapport and increase client compliance with therapy services.

Danyelle believes in advocating for others across all realms of life—but especially in the field of mental health. She seeks to ensure that others around her—including her clients are able to obtain all necessary needs by not being afraid to look beyond the surface for answers and solutions.

“I think Zora Neale Hurston says it best when she coined the lines “There are years that ask questions and years that answer”.
To me this this simply means that there are many cycles to life. Cycles that leave us questioning, reeling, and looking for something to hold onto; and cycles that come along and show us the reason for all the strife we happened to have experienced in life and how we managed to survive amidst the chaos. My goal in this world is simply to help people through their own personal cycles of life—no matter what phase they may be experiencing when they walk in or out of my office.”




Bipolar Disorder



Grief + Loss





Masters of Education in Counselor Education
University of Mississippi
Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology
University of Mississippi

Phone: 1-833-292-9355

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