Hormone Replacement Therapy

Do you struggle with:
Sexual Dysfunction
Low Motivation
Hot Flashes
Brain Fog
Weight Gain
Hormone Replacement Therapy can help.
Is Hormone Therapy right for me?
Hormone balance is vital to a healthy mind and body for both men and women. Hormone fluctuations happy naturally as we age in conjunction with toxins and unhealthy lifestyle choices. If you have experienced sexual dysfunction, fatigue, low motivation, hot flashes, brains fog, insomonia, or weight gain, Hormone Replacement Therapy can get you back on track to living a happier, healthier life from the inside, out. Don't let unbalanced hormones drag you down. Call us today to schedule your consultation!
How do I get started?
At your initial consult, Candi will sit down with you and discuss your health, check your labwork, and review your symptoms. Based on these results and your gender, she will be able to determine which hormone replacement regimen is right for you.

There are several convenient and affordable ways for Hormone Replacement Therapy to be administered such as creams, pellets, or injections. In fact, most patients are even able to do administration from home. Let our team customize a HRT plan specifically for you!
Which treatment is right for me?
Hormone replacement therapy is not a one size fits all. Bioidentical Hormone pellets are the most commonly known form of therapy. However, there are many other options based on what is best for your body. Our hormone replacement therapy specialist will consult with you to figure out which HRT is best for your body.
What can I expect?
Hormone Replacement Therapy can take up to 2 weeks for your body to respond to the treatment. From initial consultation to post treatment, Candi will walk hand in hand with you to make sure you are living a healthier, happier life from the inside, out.
Candi McGreger, FNP
Family Nurse Practitioner
Candi specializes in male and female bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and hormone pelleting to treat patients dealing with a variety of complaints. Common symptons of hormone in balance are chronic fatigue, decreased motivation, depression, anxiety, weight gain, decreased libido, menopausal symptoms, hot flashes and sexual dysfuction.

With 12 years experience in healthcare, Candi has developed a passion for helping others through the aging process. Through her experience she has found that many patients battling with mental or physical health issues are caused by hormone imbalance. Candi's goal is to treat each patient as an individual and develop the best possible approach to treating their body as a whole so they can look, feel and perform their best.

"Getting older does not have to mean giving up your true self, your best self." -Candi

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