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Board Certified

Telemental Health



With a background as an experiential therapist, I know the power of traditional talk therapy but also utilize experienced-based interventions, including expressive arts and guided meditation.


With knowledge of and experience implementing various counseling theories and techniques, yogic traditions, and mindfulness concepts, I am able to assist clients in creating a unique and dynamic plan for identifying and removing barriers to maintaining internal peace. 

Non-judgment, respect, and unconditional positive regard are always the underlying factor in my therapeutic relationships.  I do not believe anyone can grow if they do not first believe they are worthy and capable of doing so- a place not often reached when feeling critiqued. 
I strive to help my clients empower and equip themselves with the tools necessary for achieving their current and future goals.  As Jon Kabat-Zinn said, "Wherever you go, there you are." Often, we focus on ‘fixing’ specific events or situations only for another to arise in its place. My hope is that through the counseling process, every person uncovers their innate ability to access peace despite any and all external events.


My previous work includes developing and implementing a mindfulness and meditation program for an inpatient treatment facility for substance abuse and addiction. I also have a history of counseling academically at-risk university students, and I specialize in meditation/mindfulness, relaxation training, and trauma work and have extensive experience in addictions and eating disorders.​


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