Pat Ward


Pastoral Counselor
Pat combines research-based counseling and spiritual direction to help individuals and couples overcome obstacles, repair their relationships, and shape their story as they move on to the next chapter in their lives. In his sessions, he asks questions, but mainly does a lot of listening to look for places in each individual's story that offers insight or the need for healing. As you discover those areas together, he will work to help overcome obstacles, repair relationships and start a new chapter. (Learn more here)

Pat also specializes in premarital counseling and has put together a creative, customized Marriage Prep course called Starting Well for couples who want to plan their happily ever after. In addition, he counsels individuals and couples dealing grief, depression, anxiety, and addiction as well as modern struggles such as screen and pornography addition.
"I've been right where you are, trying to navigate life after landing off the map. I needed answers Google couldn't provide, courage that didn't evaporate, and hope that felt like solid ground. Once, in a season just like yours, I found someone who could help me. Although I was intimidated too, I found a guide who led me as I found my way again. And I promised that I would do that for other people one day. After a decade of leading a church in Oxford, I made a switch to counseling so that I could walk with those who feel like they are walking alone."




Relationship Issues

College Students

Grief + Loss



Spiritual Crossroads

Pre-Marital Counseling


Bachelor's of Psychology

Mississippi State University

Current Master's of Clinical Mental Health Student

University of Louisiana-Monroe

Phone: 1-833-292-9355

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